Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's the Best of Times...

Early June or mid-September, that is the question. Whether it is nobler for the mind and body to be on Mykonos then or not.  Ah, perchance to dream, but never to sleep.

Okay, have I messed up enough famous lines yet? If not, I could do a riff on a statistic Yrsa mentioned in her blog post on Wednesday that might be the seminal reason for why so many tourists love all that coming to Greece entails.  Yes, the statistic is that Greece ranks #1 in the world for sex.

But none of that has anything to do with this piece.  I’m talking about seasons not sessions.  June and September are my absolute favorite times.  Why? It’s simple.  Things are within your control during those months. 

The island’s not inundated by the tourists of July or overwhelmed by the hordes of August.  It’s a different, softer island. There’s still a lot to do, but there are also places in which to do absolutely nothing…if you want it that way. 

For example last night at around one in the morning I passed through this tiny square at the very heart of the old town’s Little Venice jumping nightlife area.  In season I’ve more than once come across statisticians working on their figures in that spot, but now you can sit and contemplate the classics with barely another soul passing by.  That’s not to say there isn’t action.  Just of a different sort.

For example, here are photos taken earlier in the evening just off the old town’s central shopping street of Matogianni on a much smaller street running just behind, and parallel to, the harbor.  The ambiance of the lane reminds many of Paris (or at least the Paris of fond memories), and it draws the international ex pat community most evenings with its peppering of tiny cafes and champagne bars. 

Tonight was special.  Three good friends were performing: Canadian fine artist Brian Piccini, American fine artist and musician Ken Richards, and Ken’s wife, American songstress extraordinaire Donna Harris.  They’re a guaranteed draw for any bar that hosts them. And not just any crowd, but a sophisticated, music loving one [Ed. Note: Those are not buzz words for “old folks adverse to statistics.”]. 

Donna Harris, Ken Richards, Brian Piccini at Notorious

Nights like that always remind me of the old days.  But perhaps I should look upon it more as a reminder that on Mykonos you can schedule your holidays to summon up precisely the sort of holidays you desire.  Wild action crowds: August.  Calm times amid whatever action you desire: June and September.  In between: July.  And then there is October when the locals return to sanity and the weather generally cooperates by carrying summer and warm seas on into November.

But how would I know about such things?  These days all I do is sit in my garret writing as the world passes me by. 

Pause for the distinct sobbing sounds of sympathizing readers.

I think I’ll just have to force myself to get out there and engage in more research.  But wait, I’ve finished that book, the one coming out in September that deals with precisely what its title promises, MYKONOS AFTER MIDNIGHT.

AHA!  I know.  I must get out there and fact check. One can’t be too careful.

By the way, on the way back from CrimeFest in Bristol UK we connected into Athens through Brussels. This was just about the last thing I saw on the ground when departing the rest of the EU for Greece.

And this was one of the first things I saw after landing on Mykonos. 

Any questions about why tourists come to flock here and forget? Yes, flock. 



  1. I count 16 double entendres and 26 reasons that i want to come to Mykonos, not including the primary one for me--that you and Barbara are there

  2. Only sixteen, Annamaria? Sorry, I'll have to work harder...

    We love you, too:)

  3. My, my, you're really letting it ALL hang out, statistically speaking. "...statisticians working on their figures..." indeed. That's certainly one I've never heard before! Of course, no wonder since, out of context, no one would have a clue what you're talking about. But I suppose that's no different than any other time...

  4. I should certainly hope so, Everrett, for keeping the world clueless seems to be the fashion of the day. As for what I actually meant, I leave you with two words: GO FIGURE.

  5. Well, at least you didn't tell me to "go figure yourself!"

    1. The thought did cross my mind, Everett, but I feared you might miscalculate.

  6. Your writing and the pictures are charming as always. The old yearnings are really coming out. As for the double entendres, the spice always helps the yearnings.

    1. Thanks, Lil, and whatever works for you, works for me!

    2. Don't you mean, "Thanks, Lil, I figure you're right!"???

    3. Nope, Everett, because whatever one's political preferences are is fine by me.

  7. Hardly right. You guys are incorrigible. I would be incoherent with laughter in an evening well spent with you.