Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clouds in the sky, clouds in my head

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. So I need not go into how appalling the weather has been so far this summer. Just a few words about how it teases us now and again by reminding us that there is still a blue sky somewhere up there and that the sun continues to sun shine brightly behind the clouds.

There are some that have an interest in the weather remaining gray. The most obvious group are the owners of travel agencies. Trips to the tropics are selling like hotcakes.

Everyone is hoping that we are not about to experience the same type of summer as in 1983, the summer known here as the „the evil summer of rain“ (hið illræmda rigningarsumar). That year the sun forgot us completely. Keep in mind that we need summer sun to counteract the dark winters.

I realise while typing this that I really have nothing to say. Discussing weather is a sure fire sign of this. I guess it has something to do with nothing special going on here at present, the other day the first and main news story on the radio was about a guy who had almost gotten hurt while canoeing. It makes one think that they should consider having a novelist on standby to make up stuff since something that almost happened is considered news. The novelist news stories could be about things that could have happened. There is not a whole lot of difference between almost happened and could have happened. Could have happened would at least have the potential for being interesting.

So what does one do on an international blog site when one’s country comes up dry? Well, I suppose I could take onboard the other Nordic countries - seeing that I am probably supposed to cover that section of the world.  

On Sunday I am going to Sweden so this is where I will start. My next blog will be about Sweden. Until then I will tell you offhand what I know, or think I know about the country:
  • Income tax is about 110%
  • Everyone is tall, blond and beautiful
  • Their flag was designed by a colorblind person
  • The guy who owns IKEA is named Ingvar
  • Ingvar drives a 30 year old Volvo (could have something to do with the taxes)
  • Paid maternity leave lasts until the child has a child
  • On Christmas women wear a wreath of leaves on their heads in honor of St Lucia. On this they put candles. And they actually light them.
  • They have an endless supply of great crimewriters. But no crime.
I get everything except I don’t understand the St Lucia connection. And I wonder what HSE has to say about lighting candles placed on top of a head, decorated with dried out leaves and full of hair.

So Sweden it is. See you next week.

Yrsa - Wednesday


  1. Stop, Yrsa, you're making me homesick for Pittsburgh. :((

  2. You forgot about how they all walk about naked all the time in summer anyway - Oh and aren't they the people who get boiling hot in a Sauna, then roll in the snow?

  3. Maybe that's why they have so many crime writers-if they didn't write, they would have to kill some one. I do hope your weather improves.

  4. I hope your weather improves - but please don't send the rain down to England, we had enough last year!
    Didn't a Swede invent the Aga cooker? The best thing to keep damp and cold at bay :)

  5. Hi, Yrsa. You might be interested in this discussion, which calls Iceland the most creative place on Earth. Tell them I sent you!
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"