Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter In Pomerode

In most of Brazil, the Easter Bunny hops-in, early on Sunday morning, to leave colored eggs as gifts for the little ones.

These days, most of those eggs, are of chocolate – and the bunny, being a modern bunny, distributes them through retail outlets, where shopkeepers charge outrageous fees for their services and parents make pickups on behalf of the children.

Some of those chocolate eggs are hollow and stuffed with still more chocolate.

And the bunny is big on distributing figurines of himself as well, thereby offering the kids another option to eat themselves sick.

Pomerode, a little town in the southern state of Santa Catarina, does it somewhat differently.

 Pomerode was founded by Pomeranian immigrants back in 1861.

All of them have passed on by now, but the German language, and German customs, still prevail. 
And, since language can never be entirely separated from culture, it leads to some holidays being celebrated differently.

In Pomerode, at Eastertide, they not only paint eggs, and distribute them in the form of chocolate, they also hang them on the trees…

paint their faces…

And even their animals.

Fun to see!

Leighton - Monday


  1. This made me smile. Really fun info.

  2. I loved this much so that I'm going to try and eat least in part(s), WHOOPS, it's Passover. Foiled again:((

  3. This is simply adorable and charming! Merci bien! Thelma Straw in Manhattan