Monday, March 11, 2013

Brazil Through the Lens of Massimo Vitali

I was a bit rushed for time last week, worrying about getting a post done for today, when my mate, Howard Marder came to the rescue.

He did it by forwarding a link to photos of Brazil, shot by Massimo Vitali and recently published in The New York Times Magazine.

You can hear an autio interview with Vitali by going here::

(Click on the link on the upper left.)

Here's my take on the location of the first two photos in the show:

And here is the show itself:


Leighton - Monday


  1. Stunning photographs, though to north easterners coming out of this past winter, the word "sadistic" does come to mind.:) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing pics.

    FYI: Praise for your book --