Tuesday, January 10, 2017


At Bouchercon, Michael Connelly interviewed - actually Connelly turned it into a great conversation - Harlan Coban.
One of the things they discussed was how two of Harlan's books have been adapted by French writers and directors into an all French production. Maybe you've seen the film Tell No One which came out ten years or so ago. I'd forgotten that another of his books, No Second Chance, which he mentioned was coming out until a recent tweet. So on a recent stormy day I played hookie from writing and watched the first episode. Alors, confession time, I ended up curled up and binged on the whole 6 episodes. Why? Hook after hook. The setting: Paris, a compelling story, flawed characters, family issues and a missing baby...it pulled all the strings. I remembered that Harlan mentioned in his conversation with Connelly that the story from his book remained but so much had changed. The male doctor, a principal character had become female, the New Jersey setting changed to France and the book set in the early 2000's had been moved up to the present. What struck me is that while Harlan wrote a universal story, it was very, very French. There is a French sensibility. The French flics act like real flics, tease each other as they do, and were real to me. https://jmmnewaov2.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/no-second-chance-aka-une-chance-de-trop/ So if you're look for a binge, try to grab some beignets from Cafe du Monde and curl up for No Second Chance.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Cara, I will search for it on Netflix this evening! What a great recommendation!

  2. A neighbor just recommended No Second Chance to me as very good. So, I'm waiting to watch it.

    I have seen Tell No One twice, and it's good.

  3. Beignets and Binge watching, what more could one ask for? other than brandy, of course. Thanks for the weekend planner suggestion.:)