Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So two Rabbi's walk into a jewelry store on the Cote d'Azur

and say 'Open the safe.' Not a great punchline or a joke. Not even 'Stick em up' or the French equivalent since the 'Rabbi's' had the jeweler with them.
It went like this. On Wednesday morning 70 year old Monsieur Gabetti, owner of Gabetti Bijouterie, left his apartment building in the center of Marseilles. Outside his building he was taken captive at gunpoint. Four men shot pepper spray to hide their tracks and drove him to his jewelry store. Two of the men were dressed as Orthodox Hassidic Rabbis and all four carried Kalishnikov rifles. Monsieur Gabetti, himself Jewish, was beaten and the contents of his shop cleaned out. But it didn't end there. The gang took the jewelry and Monsieur Gabetti out of the city and abandoned him at a gas station on the motorway.

Back at his apartment some 50 local firemen, alerted to a strange smell by residents, were forced to evacuate around 30 people from the apartment block and 11 were confined to their homes for several hours. Several of those affected suffered respiratory trouble and two were taken to the hospital. Monsieur Gabrtti's  in hospital, suffering shock and bruises. No value has been given to his losses.

Is their a trend going on? A day or two later in London in broad daylight six Burka clad men armed with axes carried out a "smash-and-grab" raid at London's Selfridges department store.

Police said the robbers, reportedly dressed in burkas, smashed glass cabinets to steal high value watches. Two suspects were later arrested when they came off a moped and members of the public stopped them fleeing.
The store in Oxford Street tweeted no-one was hurt in Thursday's robbery. The value of the stolen watches has yet to be established.at Selfridge's. Like lightening, a customer said, we heard the sound of breaking glass, saw these black clad figures and didn't know what was going on .'
What's next?
Cara - Tuesday


  1. In answer to your final question, a new Cara Black Aimee Leduc mystery I presume! And hope.

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  3. I'm not surprised by much these days, even in heavenly France. Thieves are getting more and more brazen. I'm with Jeff-I hope you have a new Aimee coming soon.

  4. Why thank you both Jeff and lil...yes I'm working on the next Aimée that cross fingers will come out next March!

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