Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Cover Ups & Breakthroughs--

 Ovidia--every other Tuesday

Breakthroughs of the brick and mortar sort, I mean--it's renovation time here!

Sorry in advance, but this is going to be a dusty, grimy, messy and unfinished post. I'm afraid I'm not up to writing anything more 'finished' this week.

Even though we thought we got most of our things covered up--

and especially the bedding and stuff--

and even though all the windows are open and the air filters are running, it's still really dusty. Which translates into a sneezy, sniffy, drippy and headachey me, alas.

But it's going to be worthwhile when it's finished (much the same thing I tell myself when trying to finish a book!) 

Because we've finally decided--after living in our apartment for eleven years--that we can do without the huge bathtub and 'rainfall shower' it came with! 

('Rainfall shower' sounds good, but it means that if you accidentally tweak the wrong lever everything, including your fluffy towels and Kindle device get soaked).

So we decided to go for it...

Here's the former bathtub/ rainfall shower area. I know it doesn't look like much right now, pretty much like my current WIP... 

(these are today's notes waiting to be typed into the computer)

Which isn't as easy as it sounds, given most of the stuff from the corridors etc have ended up in my office!

 But I believe it's all going to turn out well. 

I have to believe it--that's how we all finish all our books, isn't it? No matter how hopeless things look, how chaotic the rubble we have to push through and how uncooperative the material appears we sketch out an idea of what we're dreaming of and set our protagonists / contractor, architect & workmen on the job. 

Then we just keep coaxing them along day by day, throwing words (or alternatively tea and biscuits) at them and trying to keep the rest of our lives going.

The new bathroom should be done in ten days. The new book--hopefully--will be ready to go to my agent by the end of the month.

Please wish me luck on surviving this!


  1. Good luck and look forward to seeing the finished bathroom and book.

  2. You are very brave to take on a major renovation. I'm sure the book will survive and I hope the house will too!

  3. Having survived several renovations, I have great sympathy with your situation, Ovidia. Think if it as the emotional equivalent whitewater rafting. Take full advantage of the calm moments to relax. The rest of time, hold on tight and try not to scream. It will end, and then you will be so glad you did it. AA

  4. Ovidia, I simply love what your doing with the place! It reminds me of my apartment in NYC when my grandchildren come to visit. :) I'm also blown away at how among all the things on your to do list you find time to study German via Duolingo!

  5. Good luck for all the endeavors — reno, writing, de-dusting, and re-organizing life. The pain will be worth it. I just know it.

  6. Moving furniture around is hell. Renovation is hell. Finishing a manuscript feels a lot like hell at many points along the way. So hang in there, Ovidia.