Friday, April 2, 2021

The News Of The Week


So what has been happening in the world this week.

By that I mean yesterday.

The Scottish Government released a new pound note with Billy Connolly on it

Volkswagen rebranded themselves in some countries and Voltswagen to promote their new range of electric cars.


The Argos chain store announced the new green way to cut the lawn, a treadmill and lawnmower in one.

The World Wildlife Fund has added the Unicorn to its list of endangered species.

It was announced that Jacob Rees Mogg is learning Welsh on duo lingo


A forward thinking company has launched a concrete mattress which never wears out and eliminated dust mites this is because so many people are suffering from bad posture after lockdown.

The sandwich store Subway has launched a helping hand gadget, a small basket that clips round the wrist so that you can eat your foot long sub whilst scanning Social Media.

The archbishop of Canterbury said that he did do a private blessing for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dressed as Elvis Presley complete with guitar and slick back hair.


Pizza Hut announced that it was fitting all delivery bikes with a built in ice cream factory that will bring the service to customers doors – the travelling Sunday bar will be trailed during the summer.

The sponsors of the Wimbledon final Robinsons have requested that the grass in the centre court is dyed bright purple to publicise their new blackcurrant squash. It took 160 litres of non toxic paint.

The official twitter account of Paddington announced that he’s gone off Marmalade.


Alex Salmond has launched his own party for Scottish Independence.


Oh no... wait a minute.....



  1. The Voltswagen rebranding received some serious attention here, probably because it was announced before yesterday.

  2. Caro, you are too funny, though I could use the mattress. By the way, did you see the story on Tom Hanks opening a chain of Greek Fast food restaurants with his wife Rita Wilson, featuring such delicacies as "Rita Pita" and "Cast Away Fries." If not, here's a link to the story put out by the Greek Reporter. It's just your sort of well-told schtick.