Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Fleeting Fluting Glimpse of Naxos

Fish & Olive Art Gallery--Halki, Naxos


April is over -- as least as far as my MIE posts are concerned--which means I can finally step back and draw a breath. It's been a month filled with promotional obligations for the new book, a deadline for submission of the next book, and a farm house that suddenly decided to show its age, demanding immediate attention in the process.

Having now evoked undoubted compassion and understanding from each of you, I'm taking this opportunity to say farewell to more Naxos posts (for the time being) with this pictorial redux essay compiled by the incomparable Photobomber back in the days when we took travel for granted.

 On that last point, I appreciate now more than ever that I'll never have to ask myself the question, "Don't you wish you'd spent the better part of your life living on a Greek island instead of [fill in the blank]."

And that appreciation comes from experiencing places like this...

A man and his flute atop a Greek temple's hilltop

The Temple of Dimitra

The valley above which the Temple sits

The climb

The place

The tree under which I played my flute.
The Old Town

In case you couldn't tell, Barbara is into doorways.

And I'm into flutes...Native American.

And Naxos!

But now for a shot of the one you truly tuned in to see, my photo bomber!


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