Saturday, April 17, 2021

Naxos Island's Enchanting Little Secrets Exposed



This past week I launched into the Zoom phase of my book tour. Sadly, I think it's safe to say that virtual touring will be the only phase this year--at least until Bouchercon in New Orleans in August.  I love in person touring, and miss the "press the flesh" moments that come with personal appearances, but I must admit to finding an unexpected camaraderie among us high school yearbook-size images grouped together on an intimate small screen. 
I'm here today to make good on a promise I made to the wonderful folks in Orange, California who came together at Anne Saller's Book Carnival to fight together through technical glitches to a grand good time
My promise arose out of a conversation we had about Naxos, the Aegean Greek island where my new book is set.  I mentioned that a few years back I'd published a post on MIE describing surprises I'd found all over the island, some that guide books did not mention, but which fit nicely into my new book. That's when my California colleagues in Greek Crime "beseeched" me to run that post again. How could I refuse?
So here it is, a photo essay of the sorts of surprises this fabulous island has to offer, as photographed by Photobomber, leaving me to come up with the color commentary.

Imagine yourself following this road

You find this deserted undeveloped beach

You see this structure off in the distance

Curiosity sends you off exploring
It becomes more and more interesting

What can it possibly be?

Better still, what was it?

Not Stonehenge...perhaps ConcreteHedge?

Stepping inside and looking back at the spectacular view,
You wonder what harm can befall you exploring.
Perhaps it's time to rethink that conclusion.
And who's this?
Aha, uplifting thoughts.

A bit of a different perspective

I'm beginning to think getting out there's not such a bad idea.
Definitely not a bad idea.

Though this means of escaped does cause one to pause.
Ahh, free at last!
But what's this?

And this.
At last, a friendly face.

Can't say the same thing about these birds.
What happened to friendly face?
An interesting lady
Alfred E. Neuman's sister?
An editorial?
What is this place. I better go find out.

But first a stop at the beach.
And then a bite to eat.
The path up to our hotel....the other path looked more welcoming
A killer view back toward to speak.
On a journey to the Naxos Archaeological Museum at the top of the Old Town Kastro or castle.
Self Portrait by Photobomber.
On her way to the top.
Through the streets.
More streets.
The old castle walls (Venetian)
The Catholic Cathedral and Duchy Palace
The rear of the Museum
One of its treasures, some as old as 5th Millennium BCE
Just a cool shot of the Museum
Naxos harbor at sunset.

It's still setting.
A mountain vista

A broader mountain vista

A mountain vista with sea on the side.

A valley village.
Example of the fertile land in action.
Access to the islet housing the symbol of Naxos.

Here it is, The Portara.
The Portara panorama

Hard not to miss this place.
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  1. I had forgotten that post, but seeing it, I remember it, and it means SO much more, now being about 2/3 of the way through the book (and loving it).

    1. Frankly, EvKa, I'd forgotten about it too! So happy the folk at Book Carnival got me to dig it out. Thoroughly enjoyed revisiting those places. So happy you're enjoying A DEADLY TWIST!

  2. Agreed, Michael. As I told EvKa, I'm happy I dug it out.