Thursday, August 6, 2020

A very short blog

Stanley - Thursday

I don't want to write another blog about COVID-19. I don't want to write about how both reasonable laws in South Africa (no alcohol sales or transportation) as well as unreasonable ones (a ban on the sale of cigarettes) have turned a huge number of normally law-abiding citizens into criminals. Both booze and smokes are readily available for sale, sometimes at exorbitant prices, sometimes for a bargain. I know of a winery, for example, that will deliver unlabelled wine to your door, free of delivery-charges, for US$4 a bottle. Better than nothing, they say. (I haven't bought any!) And I don't want to rant about leadership idiocy or citizen stupidity.

So I won't do any of that.

Watching television news is nearly enough to drive me to throw myself off the nearest cliff. Not only is it increasingly depressing, it is also awful journalism. Talk about putting words into the mouths of the people being interviewed! And if quality is not enough to send you scurrying for the cliff, the endless repetition will. CNN, for example, is so short of anything new to say that they keep repeating the same fillers - possibly interesting the first time, maybe the second as well, but the forty third? 

So I'm going to take a break and give you one too from the madness and sadness that surrounds us.

However, in all the gloom there is one bright ray of light. I'm packing to head to the bush with Michael. We have police permission to cross all the provincial borders because the thatch on Michael's bungalow apparently needs urgent attention. I'm going along because Michael claims he is scared of ladders and heights and has employed me to do the grunt work. As for the pay ....

I suspect Michael's blog next week will not be about COVID-19 either. Maybe some of these?

Kubu (Photo: Aron Frankental)

African Fish Eagle (Photo: Stan Trollip)

Please keep healthy; please keep safe.


  1. Funny that Michael has issues with his thatch. I'm writing this as scaffolding goes up around Spooky Towers.... the roof has.... well bits have fallen off. It's very wet in here. Enjoy your break. Can you take wine across the border?

  2. I am happy for you...and

    E N V I O U S!!!!!

  3. I read this when it first went up, but somehow forgot to respond immediately. It seems these days that events and time are getting lost as one day rolls anonymously over into the next. You've chosen the right course...get thee to a thatchery.