Friday, September 22, 2017

The Lochan Of The Lost Sword

6 am in the campsite at Tyndrum, just north of Loch Lomond and over a bit.

Just the tinkling of  the river, not a crocodile in sight,

A wee bridge...

                                                       A wee bit of water

A big bit of scenery, this is a few minutes later from the pic above and you can see how the mood has changed.

The slightly flat peak ( Is a plateau  at altitude called a platitude?) on the right might be Ben Lomond.
It's distinctive head and shoulders look different from the north.
The bare foreground was a result of a forest fire in the early 2000's. It will take a long time to recover.

Dewy spiders webs danced like jellyfish

This one was a stoater!

And this one had a we hairy spider in a Robert The Bruce kind of way,


Nicer and then we stumbled on....

So the story goes that Robert the Bruce and his pals were being chased by the English and to aid their getaway, the Scots threw their weapons into this Lochan as they went past. The weapons included Robert the Bruce's fabled sword - which was probably between five and nine feet in length. A mile further on, the English caught up with the Scots and a fight ensued. And the Scots won  that of course as we don't need weapons- we are dangerous by nature. 
The sword is still there, guarded by a lady of the loch.

Mist over the lochan.

Spooky- I'm putting a body in there!

The stone that names the lochan

So you know what a sword looks like.

signs to confuse....everybody!

A  wee broon dug is visible, leaping through the door to the oak leaf forest.

As you know, I have a thing about paths through woods...

wee broon dug in water.

Further down river, teams of young men were armpit deep in the river, panning for gold.

Caro Ramsay  22nd September 2017


  1. It was only with the second of the "wee brun dug" pictures that I figured out what that was. I'm tired, I think I'd best be off to bed. But at least now I know what a "sword in the stone" looks like...

  2. Gorgeous, Caro. And Everett beat me to the sword in the stone comment! The wee brun dug looks like s/he's a secret photo bomber!

  3. Those wee brun photo bombers came be quite persistent, especially the curly haired breed. Mine is insisting we return to the scene of your crimes.