Friday, September 15, 2017

Bloody Scotland Flanuerette

I was very busy the week before Bloody Scotland and couldn't get there before this....

Obviously the Scots won the football. Again.
If we hadn't there wouldn't have been any pics.

Action packed action.
Well some men running after a ball. Slowly.

Simon T to Simon K 'Nae luck mate that's water.'

I think they were both trying to translate my wit and wisdom.

Simon K 'Stop right there Scotty. A quick fire round. The  past tense of  'dive' is.... errr.... 




Haylen is muttering under his beard, 'Are we getting paid for this? We bloody better be!'

Simon K pondering the question, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? Which one does the planet need least?

Searching for a really difficult question. 

Consulting one of last years panellists...

how many of these blondes can you name?

those two wondering...

what I am going on about.
 I was declining the verb to foutter.

                                               blonde 3 explaining the concept of a normal American..

me explaining the concept of thermal underwear to the californian three...

a famous crime writer with a tea cosy on his head

Another crime writer explaining why his pal has a tea cosy on his head...

some crime writers, a les paul and two microphones....
what could possibly go wrong

Caro Ramsay 15th Sept 2017


  1. Hmm, I wondered where Trump got his ideas for the new drapes in the Oval Office. Perhaps Bloody Scotland could teach him a few other things? PLEASE.

  2. lol okay there's no such thing as a normal American. I ADMIT THIS. You just need to imagine the air quotes when I said it.

    A good time was had, for sure! I hope to see you next year!