Tuesday, September 5, 2017

last roses and la rentrée

We've had a meta heat wave and it's found me drooping like the last rose of summer.  In Paris, it's la Rentrée, that time when the energized, tanned and almost relaxed Parisians return to school and work and real life. So many people make rentrée resolutions because it's like a fresh new year - quiting smoking said a man on the radio, going on a regime =diet for a French woman. My friend's daughters have been in pencil case heaven because my friend, Anne, must purchase all the items from the Ministry of Education required list which includes les trousses = PENCIL CASES, the girls' absolute favorite things.
Not to get nerdy but did you ever have a pencil case like this wood one?
 Or the more chic one with the aphorism to play this is to live.
 Here are the required contents in case you forgot.

I'm excited that very soon I'll see the girls and see which trousse they picked out.

Right now, I'm finishing final edits to get off to my editor tomorrow, co-chairing the Book Passage Mystery conference this weekend and then it's non-stop on a direct flight to Paris.
More from the city of light, mes amies.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Back in primary school in Nigeria, your pencil case was a serious matter. It decided whether or not you were cool. One term, pencil cases made out of denim were the uber cool thing to have. I dissected my brother's old jeans and made myself one, complete with zipper liberated from the same unfortunate pair of jeans. I wish I'd kept it till now :-)

  2. Leye, that is so creative to make a pencil case out of your brother's jeans...and way cool...high status marks! I had the old wooden kind

  3. Pencil cases are big favorite of mine too, Cara. The one I have now--that I keep my makeup in--I got after seeing an exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. I has a Picasso portrait on it! But I have never been--nor hope to be--as cool as Leye! I too wish you still had that one, Leye. And you make me feel less neurotic about all old stuff I do keep.

  4. I wish I could remember by first pencil case. I vaguely remember it being made out of that new fangled material called "plastic" with a ruler as the sliding top of the case...which reminds me of another date-me device I carried...a slide rule. Argggh. Enjoy all your wonderful events and travels mon aime (or is it more properly aimee:)).