Monday, September 18, 2017

Crime at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Annamaria on Monday

After the demise, after twelve years, of my beloved
 espresso machine, I began Sunday with a coffee at my
favorite local coffee bar.

At the MWA-NY booth, My friend Ann Aptaker--the chapter's organiser--and
I arrived early to set things up.  Members were schedule to sign books throughout
the day.

The BBF is the largest such festival I know.  It extends for acres--with hundreds
of booths.

Our booth was very near the elegant, historic Brooklyn Courthouse

Traffic at our booth was steady and enthusiastic all day.

Just behind out space was the main stage, where hundreds listened
panels of writers

There were book buyers galore

These people are listening to poets talk about their work

Along with my friend Alex Segura, I took my turn at the
last slot in the afternoon and signed many books,  Best of
all, I had time with my tribe of warm, friendly, talented writers
on a splendid September day.


  1. What a beautiful day, in a beautiful city, with such beautiful people. That's three uplifting posts in a row! Thanks, sis.

  2. Books, writers, readers, all in the same glorious setting, that's the makings of a great novel!

  3. That sounds a lovely day, but I bet you were exhausted at the end of it.

  4. Thank you all. (I have been having trouble with posting individual replies). Caro, this sort of thing actually energizes me. But I have to say I was ready for a sit down and nice glass of wine!

  5. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. Did you meet any mystery writers who were new to you?

    Also, did you notice any preferences for particular crime fiction or authors?

    Ah, Brooklyn, lived there for six years right across from the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens. Miss it still.