Friday, September 23, 2016

Sculpture Garden

Today we visited the National Sculpture Garden in Washington DC. Lovely city, lovely weather, lovely garden ( very good coffee and key lime tart ).

Chair Trans formation by Lucas Samaras

Moondog by Tony Smith

The central fountain with Pavilion Café and excellent key lime tart beyond. We sat outside. A woman was sitting nearby looking at something that appeared to be a typescript. A man joined her, pulling a suitcase. He was stressed and very hot.  He went off to buy coffee. A conversation ensued that I tried to overhear ( shameless I know ),  at one point he laughed and said loudly..' You know, only an editor can humiliate me like that!'
She was using a lot of red pen.

Puellae by Magdalena Abakanowicz

Wandering Rocks by Tony Smith

                                                      Left me wondering what it was about.

Aurora by Mark Di Suvero
If he says so. 

Amor by Robert Indiana

Stele II  by Elsworth Kelly

Four sided pyramid by Sol Lewitt
which can look like this...

                                                                               Or this


Parked Tractors by Council workers lunch hour

Cubi X1 by David Smth

Thinker On A Rock Barry Flanagan

Pretty flower by mother nature

Fuzzy tailed key lime pie snatcher

Red Horse by Alexander Calder
                                                           House 1 by Roy Lichtenstein
                                              Which changes with point of view. Like a good novel.


Graft by Roxy Payne

Pretty flower

                                                               Nature again

Spider by Louise Bourgeois

Typewriter Eraser Scale 1998 by Claes Oldenburg and Cossje Van Bruggen

Personnage Gothique, Oiseau-Eclair by Joan Miro

Today I walked 16.5 miles. Blogged with feet in  a bucket of cold water,

Caro Ramsay 23/09/2016


  1. You do realize that you mentioned "key lime" three times. Some tart.

    Lovely photos, great story line, and flavorful.

    1. I am a tart and I don't care. I took more photos of the key lime pie and the squirrel than I did of any of the sculptures. Lots more blogs of Washington to come, truly beautiful place - as Mette said !

  2. One of the great cities to visit. I assume you purposefully left out of your lovely piece the sighting of many suited plonks swanning around the Capitol doing nothing. Or was the air too hot to get close?

    1. Stan, you know that dogs 'see' scent in the air long after the item itself has gone. Well Washington was a bit like that - scents of expensive aftershave hanging around as the important people in good suits ran from A to B and then back to A. My spidery supersenses tracked down the aforesaid pie above all, as we have to keep our priorities right.....

  3. Lime is the key to my heart, you tart. My favorites of your sculpture pics was the flowers, although the giant spider wasn't bad. Most "modern sculpture" leaves me cold (much like the bath for your feet).

    1. The spider was good, the rabbit having a think was quite funny. The pyramid and the house were clever. Walking around listening to other's comments - 'My, you can see how he ascends the surrealism to bring forth the emotion of the piece in its space, as a whole.' - was good fun. My response was 'fair enough.'

  4. Thanks, Caro. A view of Washington that cheers rather than dismays!! At least until Stan weighed in with his curmudgeonly comment.

    1. A truly beautiful city Annamaria - do bits of it not remind you of London? We spent all our time in the most beautiful art galleries- even the zoo was free! Fab!

    2. A truly beautiful city Annamaria - do bits of it not remind you of London? We spent all our time in the most beautiful art galleries- even the zoo was free! Fab!

  5. You've seen so much more of our capitol than moi, Caro! Lovely hobnobbing albeit briefly at Bcon🤓