Friday, September 30, 2016

A literary tour of Washington Zoo

I spent a lovely day wandering around Washington Zoo, then got very bored in an airport due to a flight delay. I am now going to burden you with the result of those two events. Looking at pictures of animals and thinking about books that maybe should have been written...

The Pig Easy

The Silence Of The Lamas

Don Quixote

Don Goatote

The Pelican Brief

One flew over the err... I am sure there must be something here...Jeff? EvKa?

Show me the way to arapaima....

Who Bears Wins
where eagles bear?

Anything by Jeffrey Beaver

That'll be the degu

How to survive the capitalist meerkat.....

From ear to eternity

The allegations made by the .... alligators???


The Snapper

                                                   No country for old tortoises

Never read between the lions

The cat in the striped pyjamas

The Mike Bison
( ok scrapping the barrel there but it's a great pic)

Tree Men Panda Baby


The Cheetah

Captain Correlli's Pangolin

I will go away now,

Caro Ramsay  30 09 2016


  1. The one you requested expert help with is clearly "Teenaged Non-mutant Ninja Turtles." As for the rest, clearly you should have been wearing a sign about your neck: Beware--Twisted mind at work. :-)

  2. EvKa, I have that as a post it note on my forehead. 24 7. Just so they all know...

  3. You could have made my struggle to come up with a brilliant pun to match your own a lot easier had you simply placed the zoo in Oklahoma, then I could have said...ready EvKa? should have left Sooner.

    1. Oh yes, that was the name of the fish. One flew over the griping wrath.

    2. Jeff: Roger that, we need to take a hammer to your stein, you've been filling it with wine.

    3. That one, EvKa, qualifies for a Dobby, not an Oscar.

  4. No where but on MIE could you find, within a week, two crime writers referencing the pangolin.

    And come back, Caro. We're not through with you yet.

  5. I will return Annamaria, though I am considering rewriting a masterpiece. The Fall Of The Mouse Of Usher.
    I promise I WILL stop now.