Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Paris bits and bobs

Discovered a new Patisserie. Sampling was required.
Steps to the Seine from Aimée's apartment on Ile Saint Louis and Tentation, a new cheese to me, so rich and drippy you eat with a spoon
René's beloved DS Citroën spotted in a car dealers near Vincennes
route of the walking tour of the Palais Royal and Passages Leonard Pitt and I took readers on
This blond coiffed woman drank le vin rouge, read Proust's famous tome sitting in front of us in the Cafe de la Mairie on Saint-Sulpice. It seemed like a cliché but it was seriously happening so I snapped with the iPhone.
Duluc Detective
Near Roger Viollet - the famous photographer's - former home and still running agency. Those leaves, those colors, colors, colors
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Oh, thank you, Cara. I was listening to President Obama's news conference from Paris on the radio and looking at these gorgeous photos. Now all I need is some of that yummy cheese and one of those shiny chocolate gizmos to make my morning perfect.

  2. This double creme cheese tips the scales! Hollande took Obamba + several heads of state to l'Ambrosie, an incredible resto in Place des Vosges - bet they served it!

    1. Just seeing that name--Place des Voges--sets my wanderlust needle to Paris and ramps up its temperature a thousand degrees. Oh, for a hot chocolate in that tiny cafe nearby!

  3. So many temptations, Cara, so little time. :)