Tuesday, December 29, 2015

une maison de pain d'épice - gingerbread house with a two year old

We're staying up in the snow with friends and their three month old daughter, Juniper, and son, Levi who is two years old. All the writing I'd hoped to do seems to have frozen into icicles like these. Everything here involves snow, making a gingerbread house with a two year old (see the results), rocking Juniper until she burped and got over her upset tummy. Her tears gave way to smiles that brightened my day. Life is simple. May you be blessed being with little ones this season.
Cara - Tuesday, exhausted

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  1. Cara, I love babies. I will have to wait for the next generation to see more in my family. Thank you for letting me vicariously experience these. I can feel the joy of them in my soul!