Friday, December 25, 2015

It's a wonderful life!!

So here we are! Christmas 2015, and all my presents are wrapped, the logs are burning on the fire  and no human personage can get near it for assorted feline and canine associates.

I thought  I'd do a wee tour of this Christmas in my house.

We will be watching  this.....

We didn't send any of these, we gave the money  to charitable causes instead as I think many people do in these times of austerity.

We do have a few of these hanging from various unsuitable places.....

Here is what Jeff is wearing on his head over the festivities. The first picture is him when presented with the bill...

And here he is when Barbara offers to pay it.....

This is my Christmas tree..note the star hanging at an angle of what ??? A drunk Glaswegian off a lamp post? That's the way we roll....

 Alan's favourite- the festive village.... people move in and out, the wee train goes choo choo, it drives everybody bloody nuts!!!

 Stockings are hanging up ready, all four legged friends have them as well.

 Mathilda attacks this every year, this wee deer has more puncture repairs than the final stage of the Tour De France.

Not everybody is happy though...

And you can see why....

 Mrs Brambles, the dark one.....

These guys bop about to Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. We play it in the practice and if patients donate 50P to charity we turn it off. If not- they have to suffer....
( Mathilda chewed this and got a bad case of tinsellitis)

The table, getting ready for the feast...

 Alan recalling his days as a rock star..( yes he was ... honestly!!). Mathilda gets too close for her sensitive ears and...

 legs it out the dining room. Alan was a drummer, not a singer. His singing resembles a bagpipe going through a food mixer.

But more sensible things are happening elsewhere....
70 degrees in Baltimore with Sujata and Tony.. ( is that lots of lights outside or clever reflective photography???)

Meanwhile in New York City, a feast is taking place Annamaria style... and that is a sign of a good left overs. That  table is empty!!

I think this is Stan telling Santa where to go. He knows where my house is and that's all he needs to know!
Stan and Santa getting very matey indeed! 
Or is that him visiting the national Elf Service.....

Can you guess who has this as a Christmas tree....

Yes, Michael. He'e got it right - wine,  no neighbours,  no washing up!!

So.. a merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours, wherever you may be.

May yer lumb never stop reekin'

Caro ( Santa's little helper) Christmas Day 2015


  1. You have captured the essence of Christmas...with Mrs. Brambles adding just a wee touch of Halloween. As for my Christmas outfit, it seems I was prescient, for here in the NYC area all we have is rain, dear. Barumphump.

    Much love to you and Alan, from J&B.

    1. J&B sending greetings to a Scot? Scotch that!

    2. Hmm, sounds like someone's been livet-ing it up a bit waiting for Santa.

  2. A happy Christmas to you too. I love your floors.

  3. I'm not sure where or what my lumb is, but I'm sure it's reekin'. It's still Christmas here for another two hours, but it's been a LONNNNNNNNG day, I'm turning out the lights and going to bad. Err... bud. Maybe bed.

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Caro. And I love the 'Stayin' Alive' Santas. I bet you raise a lot for charity with that one ...

  5. Merry Christmas, Caro--and all! Love the photos!

  6. Happy Holidays and New Year!
    Thanks for the great post and photos.
    But what happened to the cat?

    Great idea to donate to charity rather than load up the gifts. I did this, too, except for the children around me.