Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Iceland Noir

Soon Murder is Everywhere will ascend on Iceland - sadly not all contributers, but enough to make a healthy presence.

Here is some of what they can expect to see:

Tjörnin - the lake downtown Reykjavík
 Iðnó - by the above lake, an old theater where the gala dinner will be held
Norrænahúsið - the Nordic House, the Iceland Noir venue 

Arnarstapi - for those that take the tour on Sunday
Pretty, pretty Harpa
Fish - if you don't see/eat fish while here you took the wrong plane
Hopefully, hopefully the northern lights will make a showing - note the light beam on the leftish side, this is the John Lennon peace tower.
So as not to forget a whole lot of great authors appearing on the many panels. See you there!
Yrsa - Wednesday


  1. Can't wait to be there, I need a warmer climate than NYC. See you soon, Yrsa, for what I'm sure will be a wild time in the old Viking pillaging plundering least that's what Annamaria told Michael and me.

  2. Sorry I won't make it Yrsa - we missed you and your sheeps head at Bcon :)

  3. Yrsa, I have been bragging that I am going to get out of the deep freeze in NYC by going to Iceland! In truth, the warmth of the company would be enough to attract me, except for Jeff, of course.

  4. See you soon Jeff and Annamaria and Cara hopefully not long thereafter :-)

  5. So... all of those daytime pictures show nice clear blue skies. I assume you can promise that the visiting authors "can expect to see" those, too, right? :-)