Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bouchercon, Iceland Noir, and US.

I guess it falls to me to announce that over the next two weeks you will be receiving something very special each day from my blogmates.  Many of us are getting together in Long Beach, California at the end of this week for Bouchercon, where six of us (Annamaria, Cara, Caro, Jeff, Michael, and Stanley) will be participating together in a panel on Friday, November, 13th between 1:30--2:30 PM, titled, "Murder is Everywhere”

Yrsa is off in Iceland preparing Iceland Noir for the end of the following week when Annamaria, Zoe, Jeff, and Michael will join her in Reykjavik for more Murder is Everywhere merriment!

With all the attendant preparation and travel distractions, we've decided to select and post the best of our past posts in a sort of golden oldies walk down memory lane.  Starting tomorrow. be prepared for some true classics during what we call "The Hiatus."



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  1. I am wallowing in self pity as I rarely get to go anywhere. Although, I am going to Duluth tomorrow if the anticipation of such travels doesn't give me some kind of myocardial infarction.