Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams RIP

 We found out today that Robin Williams left us. For people in the Bay Area it's a great loss. It's personal. He was local. So I'm sharing tiny anecdotes of a man who'd bumped into my family's life in little ways. He bumped into the word's consciousness and full of talent has affected so many others. But here's just a local angle. Robin lived here, raised his children here and haunted the local bookstores. My husband remembers him coming in all the time when he worked at Kinokuniya books and then to my husband's bookstore near MOMA - he bought tons of books. Robin used to go to Green Apple bookstore and the comic bookstore Kelli Stanley's parents ran.
 My son, and half the kids in the city, would go trick or treating on Halloween at his house in Sea Cliff. Best glow in the dark treats ever. My son played basketball a few times with Cody, who was younger but went to his school, and his Dad Robin at their place.
Years ago my mother was in Macy's downtown and Robin Williams was sitting outside waiting for his mother in the ladies room. He smiled and said 'Hello'. My mother loved telling everyone  'you'll never guess who I met outside the ladies.'  One time, years ago, when the stand up comedy scene had erupted here and he'd gone to LA filming Mork I walked into the Zoo, a tiny comedy club and there he was bartending. Not up at the mic but bartending like a speed demon. I ordered a drink and he served me. I heard a story that after 9/11 Robin gave blood and then seeing so many hundreds of people in line to donate he started entertaining. When our new Central library opened he took his kids to the big opening. Robin belonged to his family, to the World and in a special way to us, our local.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. It is good to read this tribute to Robin Williams. It must be very hard to residents of California to deal with the loss of this brilliant, wonderful person who brought so much joy to the world.

    We can only wonder what despair and hopelessness he must have felt, and that nothing for him could improve.

    His family must be going through hell, and that will be very tough for them. He apparently was very close to his adult children.

    It's time to see the movies of his that I hadn't seen. And to thank him for giving so much of himself to people, including the homeless for whom he'd join in a yearly benefit and went to Congress as an advocate for them.

  2. I miss him too. A unique gift. Now gone. So sad.