Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Difficult times for le President

Difficult times for le President. Poor Francois Hollande - yesterday on the 70th anniversary of Paris' Liberation he was up in rainy Brittany, his glasses getting wet and laying damp wreaths on Resistant hero's memorials. In Paris he was having Manuel Vals, his appointed Minister of Interior of only a few months, dissolve his Socialist government (to exclude Socialist dissidents of his party who disapprove of his austerity program). This is the second time he's dissolved the government in his two years of office.
 Poor Francois has approval ratings of %17. He's not even seeing Julie Gayet his actress girlfriend anymore. What's le President to do with a %10 unemployment rate in France. He's even in trouble with pal Frau Angela Merkel - who has rejected French and Italian appeals to soften the Eurozone deficit targets which they have failed to meet. Sad since they've been such good friends up to now.
 However Frau Merkel has said 'nein' to the appeal and gone off hiking on the Campostela pilgrimage trail to Spain with other EU leaders. Why hasn't Francois been invited?
Here's a last of the summer vacation suggestion for le President :

Load that rucksack, grab that hiking stick and join her. It's not rainy in the south, it's a great workout, it's historical and you'll see some of your own country.
 Don't forget good hiking boots.
Try to remember that she likes sports and gets to go into the team locker room at the World Cup
 She networks all the time.
 She balances her budget and then some.
 She likes beer.
 She does selfies - she's a fun gal.

Maybe le President could have fun working a little of the Francois magic that worked on his girlfriends - Segolène, Valèrie and Julie. Maybe sharing a hiking experience with Angela would help soften her on the Eurozone, get you a tan, and a good workout.
 Cara - Tuesday


  1. Hmm, when Germany has finished with Frau Präsidentin, can we have her over here, do you think...?

  2. Of course Zoë. She might go for Guiness.

    1. That's the kind of political advice that just might work...it sure can't hurt. :)