Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nuit Blanche white night and doings in Paris

Like every year (since 2002), it was La nuit blanche (white night) in Paris the other night and like every year there were lots of interesting installations to see. I chose to go to La République,  where the whole place was totally covered in a thick mist - much thicker than the one Paris - very rarely - has in winter! The installations were called "Fog Square" and was made by Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya - who I really thank, because it allowed me to take a real cool photo!

After la Nuit Blanche I spent time with a film crew who's making a pilot of secret Paris with cameos by my detective, Aimée Leduc. Today we filmed at Musée Cluny and explored underneath the old Roman thermal baths in tunnels usually closed to the public. Also in the medieval courtyard that still has two sundials and a well.

 Later in the afternoon we filmed at Cafe le Procope, established in 1686 where Voltaire hung out as well as Robespierre and the Revolutionaires who came up with the Droits des Hommes - the Rights of Man in 1789 (or 1798 excuse my history). The old walls and busts of Voltaire oozed history. But here came Aimée again, in the form of wonderful actress Karina, who'd scaled up her outfit for the evening.
 Even to her pair of red-heeled Louboutins.    

Yesterday took me to the Gros Caillot - Big stone a charming village-like warren of streets with courtyards behind those walls and double doors like this.


  1. Love your nouvelles, Cara! Thanks for inviting us along:-)

  2. I am soooo jealous, Cara. No, not of the Louboutins, but close :). Enjoy!

  3. Tres cool, Cara! Thanks for sharing the 'tour'!!!

  4. Lovely pictures of Aimee's Paris. There are so many nook and crannies to see.