Monday, October 7, 2013

Computer Hell

This is what is left of my old PC.  Everything is here but the power cord, which is lost in the Apple Store.  Somewhere on the old PC is the blog I wrote for today.

This is the new computer that I bought last Tuesday.  The Apple people transferred all my files onto it.  But they did it in such a way that its innards are scrambled.

This is the box into which the new computer will be repacked.  Apple is sending a courier to pick it up tomorrow so that they can figure out why the data transfer went so horribly wrong.

This is the device on which I cannot compose another blog appropriate to post here.

Wish me luck.

Annamaria - Monday (sort of)


  1. Oy vey!

    Good luck to you in all of this super high-tech purchase.

    As a confirmed Luddite, who is fine with a cordless phone and one computer, operating with the basics (no ipad, no iphone), I wish that all data reappears and that you lose nothing.

    1. Kathy,you and I have many opinions and interests in common; I know that from your comments here. We part company, though, when it comes to technology. I am a technophile. Have been around computers for fifty years. I love all my gadgets. But THIS week has curbed my enthusiasm. I hope to be back in operation by Thursday--nine days after the purchase and nine of diminished productivity that I could NOT spare.

  2. Hi, I feel for you! For my birthday I got a super duper hi tec cross tablet laptop thingy. Great excitement. It is very shiny.
    Took me 37 minutes to find the button that lets me open it.
    And that is about as far as I have got. My task for next week, is to find the 'on' button. Wish me luck...

    1. Be sure to check the edges, Caro. Engineers these days have a penchant for putting on and off switches on the thin edge of things. I think they find that elegant. Or perhaps they are just being perverse, which often seems to be the case.

  3. To get a computer, all shiny and new,
    Gives pains, so many, and joys, so few.
    Moving programs and files,
    It frustrates and riles,
    'Til like a li'l kitten you whimper and mew.

  4. My sincerest condolences, Annamaria. No, not on your MacHell...on the EverETTHell I've started you down with my innocent little limerick. Alas, I fear I've cursed us all!!

    1. I thought it was International Limerick Week,
      But I guess I was wrong, I guess I'm a geek.
      But at least I can say,
      At the end of the day,
      All are welcome in my Hell, even a pseudo-Greek.

  5. Even Apples aren't perfect, alas. They're pretty good about taking care of things, though. I've there and I hated it. My commiserations. Good luck.

  6. Annamaria, I feel your pain and angst and plain ole ire! I am like some of worldwide writers, back in the age even before typewriters - like my hero Nelson DeMille, I write with joy and bliss with a furry pen and on yellow lined pads - has to be yellow! I am convinced the Devil is not in details, but in my youknowhat!!! TJ Straw in Manhattan

  7. Annamaria, I don't proscribe to being anti-gadgets; why, some of my best friends and relatives are computer experts, apps and software designers.
    But, I, alas wasn't born with that genetic predisposition, nor was my sibling. So we admire from afar, and wish everyone well.

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