Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Party's Over...

No, I don’t mean the Republican.

This has to do with Columbus Day on Mykonos. Americans may celebrate the discovery of our country on this day, but for Mykonians it’s a time to celebrate the reclaiming of their island.  For by mid-October most places have shut down for the winter. Over here, Fall and Spring are basically ignored seasons. It’s either summer or winter.

Yes, some places stay open for the locals, but for all intents and purposes, turn out the lights until the Spring (I still recognize that season.)

For example, today I was down at the harbor having tsipouro (or rather trying to avoid having tsipouro) with friends.  Here is the view out to the harbor from my table in one of the normally busiest tavernas on the waterfront (nicknamed by tourists as “the blue chairs cafe.”)  

Notice the background.  Virtually deserted.  And all of these photos were taken by me between 12:30 and 2:00 PM, midweek, in sunny, 75F weather.

Here is the harbor front of Europe’s most popular island paradise. 

Here is the symbol of Mykonos in winter.

Here are normally busy backstreets leading up to the busiest part of Mykonos, the Bus Station.

Area known as "the bus station."

Here is the craziest intersection in the Cyclades in summer (as described in Myknonos After Midnight, at pp. 83-86).

Here is a long view of normally packed Megali Ammos beach.

Here is the road running next to the beach.

Here is the beach.

And here is what this time of year is all about…Mykonians getting back to their families!  

BRAVO, filoi mou, you’ve earned it.



  1. Gosh, Jeff, it looks wonderful! When I visit you in Mykonos, it will be in October!

  2. Where do they hide their children to protect them from the Beastiality in the high season?

    1. Interesting point, Annamaria, raising even more interesting societal questions. Answer ties into this: Despite all the financial difficulties plaguing the world, Mykonos' high end operations broke all records this year. The partying rich of the world have settled in on Mykonos as the place to be and the Mykonians have welcomed them. I guess beastiality is in the eyes of the beholder :() (emoticon for not sure whether to laugh or cry)

  3. Talk about a ghost town! I'm sure there's a very strong seasonal jet stream blowing across the Aegean as all of the locals let go with a huge sigh of relief.

    1. Though vestiges of summer still remain, in the closing party today at a very popular beach taverna. The day was gorgeous and you'd have thought it mid-season from all the people...but every other beach was deserted. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.