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KWEI’S MOVIE REVIEWS: “Crazy Rich Asians"


In my film reviews, I start with the benchmark of five stars and then deduct half or one point if the film falls short in any of the following categories:
·  Storyline
·  Screenplay
·  Acting 
·  Direction 
·  Character Arcs

The reviews are my opinions alone.

Constance Wu and Henry Golding in “Crazy Rich Asians”

  • Plot Overview: "Crazy Rich Asians" unfolds with native New Yorker Rachel Chu, played by Constance Wu, embarking on a journey to Singapore to attend her boyfriend Nick Young's best friend's wedding. This trip serves as her introduction to Nick's family, leading to revelations and challenges she hadn't anticipated. The film is adapted from Kevin Kwan's globally acclaimed novel, offering a rich narrative that explores themes of love, family, and cultural clashes.
  • Cast Highlights: The casting of "Crazy Rich Asians" brought fresh faces and seasoned talent together, marking Henry Goulding's cinematic debut as the charming Nick Young. Alongside him, Michelle Yeoh delivered a formidable performance as the matriarch Eleanor Young, adding depth and complexity to the family dynamics. Constance Wu's portrayal of Rachel Chu provided the film with its emotional core, effectively capturing her character's journey of self-discovery and resilience.
  • Behind The Scenes: The production of "Crazy Rich Asians" saw its fair share of off-screen drama, notably with Henry Goulding having to shorten his honeymoon to attend a crucial screen test with Constance Wu. This detail underscores the dedication and unforeseen challenges actors often face in pursuing their craft. Contrary to a common misconception, the film does not stand alone as a Western-produced major studio film focusing on Asian narratives, following in the footsteps of works like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Sword of Destiny.” An offer from a large studio was turned down to keep the production with an Asian-owned company.
  • Commentary: While "Crazy Rich Asians" is celebrated for its vibrant storytelling and feel-good moments, it also prompts reflection on deeper societal issues such as materialism, classism, and the quest for authenticity. The film navigates these themes through a cast of characters that, despite sometimes veering into stereotypes, contribute to the overarching narrative that questions the true value of wealth and social status. The depiction of Rachel's initially oblivious relationship with Nick raises plausible concerns about believability, yet it serves as a catalyst for the unfolding drama and personal growth.
  • Wrapup and Rating: Considering the film's storyline, screenplay, acting, directing, and character development, "Crazy Rich Asians" earns a 3.5-star rating. The movie's grand party and wedding scenes, in particular, showcase the director's adeptness at creating visually stunning and immersive experiences, contributing significantly to the film's overall appeal.


Bottom Line Summary: "Crazy Rich Asians" captivates audiences with its dazzling blend of romance, opulence, and humor, all while navigating the nuanced territories of cultural identity and societal expectations. Despite its reliance on certain stereotypes, the film's heartwarming narrative, coupled with its historical significance in Hollywood's portrayal of Asian stories and characters, makes it a milestone. It's a lavish feast for the eyes that doesn't shy away from posing significant questions about wealth, love, and what truly matters in life.

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