Friday, April 7, 2023

The Tough Side Of Research

 Just about to start a new book. Got about 20 000 words in and I knew I needed to go and visit one of the places where the bodies are dumped.  I was looking for  one of our designated areas of low light pollution, the sort of place where star gazers go.

We had one day to do it. That day was today.

On the way back, the traffic was queueing  on the opposite side of the road for over three miles, total standstill  due to the sheer volume of cars. Everybody was attracted by the rarity of a blue sky, sunshine and a public holiday.  As we were on a mission, we were up at 'Sparrow Fart' and out the door.

This is a carving  of an old man on a old tree trunk.


                                                                   He faces the toilets

This was the view behind him!

Loch Long for those who are paying attention.
And yes, the sun was splitting the sky.
This was where we were heading.
This is the road, not a footpath.
We have a narrow car.

Our reward on the other side of the water.

Lots here to explore, the Glen to the right is the area of low light pollution.

And we discovered a place called The Honeymoon Bridge.
No idea why it's called that but I shall find out and then some bride can fling her groom off the top.

The old stone bridge is just visible here.
It was very wet and slippy underfoot.
No emergency services up here so we turned back.

Somebody had a grand day out.

On the way home!

Happy Easter to all!




  1. Star gazing in Scotland? Don't mysteries have to be believable?

  2. Happy Easter to you o grand explorer, and your entourage of hearty souls. I sense a dynamite, slippery setting in the offing.

  3. The scenery is so lovely--and the dog looks so Happy!