Friday, April 14, 2023

The blog that wasn't!

 As you have gathered, there's a very late almost not existent blog today.

The fates conspired against me.
Well, it  started with weather.

We woke up in our lovely motorhome ( not paid for out of political party funds in case anybody's
 asking). That is a Scottish comment that is a political hot potato, so more about that as folk start to get arrested. Sorry, MORE folk get arrested.

So we woke up to snow.
 A lot of it.
And I was driving down the twisty turny lochside road to  get to work by 1pm.
 And was nearly late.

There was an army convoy and a boat. Both on the road.

This was good for novel writing purposes.
Not novel writing purpoises, that would be quite different. And wetter.

I was going to blog about some medical research that has been published lately.
Folk who grow up with dogs have a much lower incidence of Crohn's disease in later life.
Why is that?

All sorts of variations of epidemiology  were tested. Cats? Rural? Milk consumption?
And the clever peeps think it comes down to a variation in the gut bacteria.
And the robust gut bacteria seems to afford some protection from the auto immune changes.

Another blog - half written- was about just how Scottish the United States was.
And the answer is, a fair bit.
War Generals, founding fathers, rock stars etc.

Loads of them seem to have mothers from Greenock.
Greenock is down the road from me and yes, it's a port and a boat going anywhere away from there would be a good idea.

So Johnny Cash traced his ancestry back to 1130 before  he came to something Scottish.
I guess he was bored.
I know of Loch Cash, I suspect there might be a Glen Cash.
I shall drive about and photograph it if I find it.
And Walk the Line.

Then I read about Donald Trump's mother and felt the need to apologise.

But, in good tartan news this week - two pictures of the Loch Ness monster have  been taken.

 Normal service next week.

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  1. An SNP motorhome mother-in-law scandal, an Army convoy blocking your advance, robust gut bacteria, an America rich in Scottish contributions to its polity but with the jury still out on how its least favorite son's influence will play out, and Nessie now captured live and on film across the Chatbot world...I'd say that's quite a non-existent blog to chew on! Happy caravanning.