Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Small Growing Steps

 Ovidia--every other Tuesday

I was playing around with my tarot cards and I'd like to share my first reading of the year with you.

My tarot reading for January: (from left to right)

Card of the Month: Act of Wands:

This signifies a fresh start, new ventures, a sense of wonder, potential and possibilities, originality and adventure.

(very accurate for this time of year!)

Since wands are about taking action, this is also about getting out and taking steps rather than just thinking and making plans, which I have a tendency to do.

I'll take this as a reminder to try new things, allow myself to get excited about rather than scared of the unfamiliar. 

It's also a time to look at what I'm carrying forward with me--are there things that would be better left behind?

Focus Card / What to pay attention to this month: Arcanum 13: Death

  This isn't a negative card at all--like the first card it signifies change, endings and new beginnings and the endless cycle. 

(again, very accurate for the here and now!)

Most of all this card is a reminder to accept and even embrace change. Unless I let myself let go of what I have outgrown, there won't be room in my life for new things.

It's also about accepting in inevitable and remembering that nothing (including my time here) lasts forever.

Possibilities Card/ What might arise: King of Wands

Power, Energy, Inspiration, Mastery and Authority.

This card points to vibrant vital energy and charisma. It points to learning from your mistakes and being willing to work towards mastery. 

The King of Wands is also about going out and doing what needs to be done, regardless of how you might feel about it.

The King of Wands suggests you may be able to succeed in managing the projects you undertake. But that wand in hid hand means this success will only come with action. Even if yout direction isn't clear at the start, gather all the knowledge you can, use your insight to identify possible and helpful actions and get on with it. 

The King of Wands is often seen as boldly confident. Sometimes it's hard to feel confident, but we can at least be confident about who we want to be, what we value and most of all we can be confident about our willingness to take the each step into this new year with grace and courage.

And I've got a follow up on a previous post--remember the almost dead plant I scavenged from the dumpster? 

Just look at her now! I think she's decided she's going to make it!

Happy 2023 and Happy January everyone!



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  1. Seems like a good reading for any time of the year, Ovidia. And you already succeeded with the plant!