Friday, January 20, 2023

Better late than never

The phrase better late than never should really be the company slogan ( mission statement?) of  any of the rail companies that operate in the UK.  Was it worse when it was nationlised? Was it better? Cleaner? Cheaper? More reliable?

So many questions, but the one question that confuses me, and them obviously, is why are they surprised by weather? Leaves fall in the autumn, it gets frosty cold in the winter so why are they not prepared.

Anyway, I  got up before 6 am in London to catch the Glasgow train. Due to the weather, it got slower and slower. I got colder and colder. So the blog is late.

And so am I.

This was going to be a very exciting blog about exciting things....but I'm running wayyy behind schedule so this is a teaser of the next few instalments of 'what happened', 'where', 'when' and 'who to'?  I did surprise a very famous person with a haggis.  And that's probably enough to worry about. Neither party was harmed- or they were too drunk to notice. 

This was the weather on the way down...

We had no idea where we were...

At times the freezing fog cleared, giving us a view.

At other times the back of the train couldn't see the front.

I was in London for meetings. And I adore Foyles. Do you guys know Foyles? The bookshop. I was in London for two full days and was in Foyles four times....

I was careful to do my research fully!

I loved this notebook, by a  Glaswegian artist I believe. I hadn't heard of him but I will track him down and he will be blogged about.

This book was on sale in the Tate Modern.
As for the art....well... the sandwiches were good....

And the sandwich in the Tate. A weird experience.
As you may know, it's in the old Battersea Power Station so the building itself is impressive.
They encourage babies and children to attend and view the art.
But the Cezanne was fully booked ( and childfree), the Mirrors likewise.
More about this in a further blog.

And after meetings with publishers, agents,  parties and two trips to the theatre, we had to settle for a wee visit to a place call something like The Doughbut Enporium.
Purely, for the benefit of the blog, I forced myself to sample some of their wares.
Very good it was too.

I now have to follow up  on the many emails and half remembered conversations. Then, next week, I might tell you what it was all about..... ( insert cliff hanging music here!)



  1. How you suffer for your art...but no doughnuts shall deter you from your appointed rounds!

  2. Thanks for the quick trip around London--enjoyed it!