Saturday, October 1, 2022

Thank You Once Again, Reader's Digest Select Editions




A little over a year ago I had the distinct honor of announcing that my eleventh Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis novel—A Deadly Twist—had been selected by Reader’s Digest to be one of four novels included in its January 2022 bi-monthly volume of Select Elections (#383)—published from 1950 until 1997 under the name “Condensed Books.”


As I wrote back then, that might not seem a big deal to many, but to this kid who grew up in working class Pittsburgh, where there was always a Reader’s Digest magazine to be found lying somewhere around the house, and most assuredly in every doctor’s and dentist’s office, that was a bigtime bucket-list achievement moment.


The big kahuna for Reader’s Digest fans was the hardcover “Reader’s Digest Condensed Books,” and whenever I saw one of those, the authors whose names appeared on the binding appeared like gods to me. To learn that my name would be on the cover of a Select Edition had me feeling as if my game jersey was about to hang in the rafters alongside some of my writing idols.


At that moment I felt as if I’d won an Oscar.


I later learned that Reader’s Digest would also publish A Deadly Twist in Australia/New Zealand and in Finland!  Both major pinch myself moments.


But wait, there’s more.  


My publisher has informed me that my latest book in the series, One Last Chance (#12), will also be published by Reader’s Digest Select Editions!


I’m beyond excited, and well into the realm of tingling all over.


Thank you, Poisoned Pen Press, Sourcebooks, and RDSE, for making childhood dreams come true.


Καλο Μινα, y’all.




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  1. Oh, fer cryin out loud, woudja quit with the exceeding your excellence, already??? Sheesh.

    (Muy bueno, mi hermano!)

    1. Here's looking at you kid. Thanks, EvKa (I think).

  2. Congratulations, Jeff. I, too, was an avid reader of those Reader's Digest Condensed Books. What fun to be part of one!