Saturday, June 18, 2022

Caption This!



The above photo tells all.


But I’m leaving it up to you to describe what that may be.


Barbara and I have been looking forward to entertaining Mystery Mike and Susan on Mykonos for more than two years. The original plans had us meeting up in the summer of 2020, but of course Covid ended those plans, as well as our hopes of meeting up in 2021.


But it all came together in 2022.


Sort of.


This past week our friends arrived Wednesday by ferry boat after a few days on Santorini.  Two hours later, the four of us were back in the harbor waiting to catch a different ferry bound for the neighboring island of Syros. That wasn’t part of their or our original plans, but things have a way of happening in Greece that require one to adapt.  

Think, The Odyssey


In this case, our change in plans was courtesy of the Greek government, with a bit of mischief no doubt contributed by the fates.  A few days before, I’d learned that the day after our friends arrived I had to be on Syros for an appointment related to the renewal of my residency papers—a meeting that could not be adjourned. 


The difficulty with that was (a) the boat schedule was such that I could only make my appointment if I left for Syros the day before, and (b) the day before was my birthday—for which we’d planned a small party to entertain our friends on Mykonos.


So, we improvised and headed off to Syros, revising party plans on the fly.


It turned out to be a wonderful serendipity.  Syros is the long-time administrative capital of the Cyclades.  A place filled with magnificent architecture, marble paved streets, a relaxed cosmopolitan calm, and terrific food at equivalently welcome prices.


We strolled the capital town of Ermoupoli, had a wonderful dinner in a classic Greek taverna, and a barely night’s sleep. 


Next morning it was on to my meeting and catching a ferry back to Mykonos.  That evening we strolled around the old town, had dinner in our favorite restaurant, and experienced another abbreviated night’s sleep.


Today (Friday), it’s been a drive around the island to show off some of the many sides of Mykonos (notably its historic monastery of Panagia Tourliani in the town of Ano Mera), and a late lunch at our favorite beach taverna…followed by a stroll along our favorite beach.


Bottom line: we had a great time…thanks to the fates.


So much of a great time, that I was too tired to get around to writing a proper blog. 






  1. Good luck with the residency permits. We know those un-moveable appointments well. . .and enjoy the joys of visiting friends!

  2. Great when a non-plan come together! And belated happy birthday!

  3. "Susan," he says, "I SWEAR it just said, 'Eat me!'"

  4. So far, EvKa, it looks as if you're the winner. But the polls are still open.

  5. Loved that article.
    Luckily for Mr Bursaw there was no shopping around!

    1. He wasn't that lucky, what with icons being a passion with his family. :)

  6. What a wonderful trip! (And it is indeed a proper blog!) I love it when serendipity/the fates/the universe intervenes and events unfold in new and exciting ways. It looks like you all ended up the better for the adventure - and I hope your meeting was productive and resolved any documentary issues promptly.

    1. I've often said chance experiences often yield but two outcomes. It's either a wonderful surprise or a story you'll dine on forever. In this case we had a grand time, and the documentary issues moved along at their traditional glacial speed...but at least forward. As for today's ubiquitous Covid overlay to travel and crowded public places, let's just say fugedaboudit.