Wednesday, March 2, 2022


(Still under the gun with my manuscript deadline, so forgive me for a “rerun” of one of my old blogs that might give you a little chuckle--which we need right now.)

You remember those essay exams where they asked you to compare and contrast two different elements, states, circumstances, phenomena, etc.? Well, yeah, I hated them too. That said, here's a light-hearted "compare and contrast" of the USA v Ghana. A surprising number of similarities.

USA                        Why is there a Starbucks on every corner?

Ghana                    Why is there a pharmacy on every corner?

There's another pharmacy not two blocks away (Photo: Kwei Quartey)

USA                    Because Starbucks makes boatloads of money

Ghana                Because pharmacies make boatloads of money

USA                    Uber/Lyft

Ghana                Uber/Yango/Bolt (but Bolt is killin' it)

Yango hail-ride service vehicle (Photo: John Sakpe)

USA                    Uber Eats/Doordash/Postmates etc.

Ghana                Uber Eats/Bolt Food

USA                    Amazon is for anyone

Ghana                 Amazon is for rich people 

USA                    Humor: lots of sarcasm

Ghana                Humor: sarcasm doesn't work (more literal or teasing in nature).

USA                    Wassup bro?

Ghana                Wassup bro?

USA                   Credit cards/Apple Pay/Zelle/Paypal/CashApp

Ghana                Mobile wallets/credit cards, but cash is still king

Vodafone Cash screenshot

USA                    People love KFC

Ghana                People love KFC (and think it's cool to eat there)

KFC on Oxford Street, Accra (Photo: John Sakpe)

USA                    People like pizza

Ghana                People are crazy about pizza

USA                    Bribing police officers doesn't work

Ghana                Bribing police officers works admirably every time

USA                    Being on time is important

Ghana                Meh

USA                    Service tech tomorrow between 1 and 5 PM

Ghana                 Sometime this week. Maybe.

USA                    People love and admire SUVs

Ghana                People love and admire SUVs

USA                    Regular scheduled trash pickup

Ghana                 Call as needed, or flag them down as they go by 

USA                    Automated trash trucks

Ghana                Manpower

USA                    Best universities staggeringly expensive

Ghana                 Best universities staggeringly expensive

USA                    Flaunt your wealth

Ghana                Flaunt your wealth        

USA                    Sanitation: satisfactory

Ghana                Next topic

USA                    Begging the populace to take the Covid vaccine

Ghana                The populace can't even find the Covid vaccine

USA                    Crooked politicians

Ghana                 Very crooked politicians

USA                    Rich megachurch pastors

Ghana                Rich megachurch pastors

USA                    Hypocritical pastors

Ghana                Hypocritical pastors

USA                    Challenged by China

Ghana                Occupied by China



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  2. Now that's what I call a cultural critique and comparison worth reading! Thanks for that, Kwei, and good luck with the deadline.

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