Thursday, July 1, 2021

Please read this - it's important.

 Thursday, July 1


In its wisdom, Google has curtailed the capabilities of the software this blog uses to send emails of the blogs to readers who have subscribed.

Two things have made the transition to a new program difficult. First, the person who initially subscribed to the old mail program, Leighton Gage, is no longer with us, and we don't know what credentials he used to subscribe; and second, it seems impossible to speak to anyone at Google to see if the situation can be resolved.

What this has meant is that we can't copy the emails of people who have already subscribed to make the transition seamless.

So, while we are trying to resolve the problem, we have to ask you to resubscribe in the Follow Us By Email section on the right.

Hopefully this will work! If not, we'll keep trying and testing. Please have patience.


  1. As usual, I understood about one word in five of this but he indoors knows all about it and will do the needful. Thank you for sorting it out for us non techie bloggers, where would be without you!

  2. Thanks, Stan. I'll save my blog so that this is the top post today.