Thursday, July 15, 2021

Clear water ahead!

My agent, who is very wise, once said to me that writers need clear water  ahead of them to write. You know, no emergencies,  nothing really annoying, no  builders, no covid, just peace in the head to type  out a good story.
 If anybody has ever managed that then please let me know.  And how did you achieve it and how much did the book sell for.

 Was my agent right?
 Well,  I know that they are always right  but you get the drift. 

This week I have had my facebook account hijacked.

 Then ( we know now) three people came into the practice covid positive. My colleague got covid ( from  attending a pub down south for the England Italy game). He went off the radar, last heard of with 'breathing difficulties ', O2 sats down at 91 and dropping.
 Then we heard nothing.
Nothing at all. He's from SA, but was born in Scotland, has no relatives here and had recently moved flat without updating his contact details. His family back home had fatalities from Covid so we knew his DNA might not be robust. We were concerned.

In the end we had to get the police out to make sure he was ok. Which he was. The vital text, at 10 pm said 'I'm fine, doc was pleased with my stats, I'm going to bed to sleep it off' got lost in the ether.

He will survive covid. He won't survive what the three of us are going to do with him when he returns to work.

Out test and protect has now told us three different patients  came in, all positive, all double vaccinated but as soon as the authorities hear about our PPE, they say, that's good and away they go.
We still feel very vulnerable. And the  self isolation varies from 6 days to 10. You need to pay for another test to come back to Scotland if you are Scottish but anybody else can waltz in over the border with them down south, hence covid from the footie!

 That was after the publisher, with many apologies, sent me a  edit with a 6 day turnaround.

That book is so much in my head now that I can't settle to get the new book done. 
 hence  the agents comment about having clear water ahead.

My other half, at this point would make a joke about their being some credence in the revival of clearwater.

Anyway, other bad things happened...  

Very posh fish restaurant right on the point of Appen.
 They were all looking out the window just as my dog was very sick.

Was driving up north and my car started with all kinds of warning lights.
There was a problem with the warning lights.

The ferry to Lismore island. Not really very busy.

I tripped up on most of the seaweed.

I had forgotten my camera so using the phone I got good pics of this special loch that's used for water skiing. You can see the slope on the surface.

A rest point that led us to...

This very steep path down...

too see this....

Castle Stalker

It was a MacDougall  strong hold and then the Campbells took it.

There seemed to be war after war about it.

Maybe they should have just decided it on penalties.....




  1. Please, no more penalties. Beheadings would be more entertaining.

  2. For once I thought that cricket might actually be more entertaining than the footie !

  3. Sorry for the recent run of back luck, Caro, but look at it this way: there's always next year. Uhh, on second thought...

  4. I love your car warning lights and all! 6 day turnaround and Im sure you aced it!

  5. You confused me by posting this blog on a Thursday.

    I take it the Facebook issue is ongoing? You're a member of the JWG group page in name only atm.