Tuesday, June 22, 2021

time for the flea market - I STOP FOR BROCANTES

 Now that Paris and France have opened up I'm seriously planning my dive into ''brocantes" flea markets, on the upcoming trip. It's always recommended to be strategic and plan; have small bills and coins, bags to stow your purchases, and to hone your eagle eye for treasures. I've prepared in some of those ways but the best finds come when I've scouted and found zero then stumble onto a weekend street sale. Some of the best are seasonal church bazars, or a neighborhood group's 'attic' sale which are only listed on the street sign posts. 

I love this photo and wonder if the Papa in this photo had a good father's day.
No brocante shopping is without a stop at the local patisserie. Notice the clafoutis, the second one? Why don't mine ever turn out like that?
I love the porcelain soup tureens and copper pots
Such a great find for old photos and postcards. Notice Oscar Wilde!
These blue and white bowls for cafe au lait. I wanted to purchase ALL of them but...even if they could be wedged in my one roller-bag I'd be afraid to break these beauties
Look at this linen shirt from 1925 or 1930...!

Good news is that our Bordeaux Writing, Wellness and Wine week workshop is ON! I can't wait. This will be my first time in Bordeaux and if you have any tips they are welcome!

PS I found a bumper sticker I STOP FOR BROCANTES and when I tried to put this on the rental car my husband threatened to drive away and leave me in the middle of Provence once summer. I said fine, just leave the singles bills and coins:)

Cara - Tuesday


  1. I love those markets to, Cara! I sleep on sheets, serve food in bowls, March around in scarves, cherish little gewgaws bought in such markets in France and in Italy. My advice: drink as much Chassagne Montrachet as you can get your hands on. The only danger is that no other wine will never taste as good!