Friday, June 4, 2021

The Clash Of The Titles

Happy Publication day to me!

Or to be more accurate, happy republication  day.

Here's Scotland's biggest selling tabloid with me on the front page, along with with football ( important thing) and a  bit about BoJo getting married ( not an important thing).
Inside was a short story I had written two weeks into the last lockdown, so what? A year ago maybe? More than that.
 They had asked Craig Robertson to get ten of us to write a short story, and not being a short story writer at all ( yes indeed, every single one I've written has been published. I've written  three!)

I sat and scribbled something from no idea at all. but maybe inspired by the swimming I was doing then. Craig liked it. 

Then I heard nothing until a patient came in on Monday with a copy of the paper and pointed out my ugly mug. They then went out and bought  me another two copies.

So, two things are odd here. One is that nobody got paid, we did it for the exposure.
The other thing is that the same paper is doing a double spread about me on Saturday, just by sheer coincidence.
Or serendipity. 

This was published yesterday, it's rocketing up the charts and I'm doing all kinds of zoom and blog tours etc.

This is the same book.
 What do you think?

The new publisher liked the old cover but  thought it didn't say female led thriller nasty story well enough. The old cover was, in a lovely way, rather sad and reflective, which the book also is!

But anyway, they wanted the front of the book to say 'Netflix; here I am.
There's a story this week about another publisher being bought over.
And I think there might be another one in the offing.

We all know what that tends to mean for their lists.

Here's the new cover for Blood Of Crows.  This book seems to be a sticking point in publication, not as a book; as a book it did well and sold plenty,
  Blackthorn have republished 1-3 and then waited a while to do Blood Of Crows
 Joffe  have published 1-3 also in kindle, then there's a wait until number four comes out.

I do spend some time  on social media explaining that I have no more to do with this as I have to do with the rain from the sky.

They wanted a pic of me looking grown up.

The short story. I liked the quote they lifted from it.

This is the publicity photo I've used for a few years now.  It was taken in the cafe that I often sit my characters in. Somebody put it on facebook last week saying 'Every time I see this picture of Caro, I think she has been amused by a man  in a very large hat walking past.'

This all the books coming out this year, I'm putting this pic on social media.
He's saying. 'She's  good another book out. Snore......'

Me talking to a cow. I think this was taken in New York at the zoo. She was a fine wee beastie.

Another new book- silence her!

 My Dark Water

 A new Scottish Crime writer on the block.
She's going to guest blog for me soon as she writes about Dumfries and the bits of this country that joins onto that country.
  I guess she'll not be wanting the hard border then!




  1. As I've said before, Caro, you are an AMAZING force of nature, deserving of all your garnered success and more. Just one point of information. I'm interested in where you found that leather thingamajig mounted over your head. I'm off to Mykonos soon, and it seems the perfect gift for me to bring along for some folks over there.

  2. Wait, exactly how many books are you publishing this week?! šŸ˜®

  3. How do you keep track of it all? Congratulations - how many times do I have to say that this week?