Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Hit the rue!

 Bienvenu, Wilkommen, Welcome as they say in Cabaret. France opens tomorrow for vaccinated US travellers.

 I could be on the the first plane since I'm vaxxed but I'm holding off until end of August. There's two reasons; my French friends will be out of town, on holidays and doing 'les vacances'. Second is the writing retreat workshop I'm part of end of August near Bordeaux. In a chateau!

This is wine country and down the rue from St. Emilion.

That's if no hiccups happen and France doesn't close it's borders again. This incredible week was planned for last year and had to be rescheduled. Crossing fingers this will take place.

I'll be teaching with a journalist and non-fiction writer and my job is to hold up the fiction tentpole.  My secret agenda will be to subvert the attendees into crime writing and mystery afficianado's and writers, bien sûr!

Please cross all your digits that this happens! I'm also proposing that MIE host a writing retreat in a chateau, a Greek island, a zen retreat in Japan, a Scottish castle, a Ghanian beach resort, a farm outside Christchurch, wherever Zöe or AMA will be, a game reserve of Kubu's choosing or a Rajah's place in Bombay. We at MIE have so many places to choose from!

Cara - Tuesday


  1. Sounds wonderful, Cara! My digits are firmly crossed.

  2. A world-straddling MIE workshop/collaboration? Hmmm. Thinks.

  3. What wonderful plans you have going forward, Cara. Enjoy them, long overdue as they are. I'm all in for the MIE tour, and am heading off to Mykonos in a couple of weeks to do some advance work...likely a bit of retreating too. Stay safe.