Friday, June 21, 2019

The Grand Day Oot

here's one of these to get your attention.

as it is Independent Book Shop week, we are celebrating with a journey across a country.

We have quite a wee country but it's a good one.
We have a terrible government but we are not alone there.
At the time of writing this, the vote for our new PM is going on.
The world has enough strange men with blonde unruly hair running things.
I fear for the worst.

But while I was in respose, coffee in hand, wearing a thick warm coat because it is summer.
I thought about doing an event with people who annoy me.

This lot came to mind, yes, the horse is still called Trump.
By the end of this blog he might be called Boris.

So we are going West to East and visiting the few, but fabulous  indy book shops in the central belt.

We called it this!
After the Beatle's Grand Day Out.
 We will be doing THAT pic of us walking across the zebra crossing.

But our special guest for the  blog readers, but not for the studio audience is....

A great Dane / German Shepard cross (ish)
called, for out purposes Scooby Don't.
Scooby Doo was busy.

Our starting  event is at Print Point in Rothesay on the Isle Of Bute.
It's run by a whirlwind of a person called Karen Latto and she has a mother. 
The mother makes GREAT cupcakes
 This is the reason why Bute Noir is such a success. All down to Karen and cupcakes.

Then into Glasgow to the dog friendly Hyndland book shop. This is in the part of Glasgow where I set my books.

Then through to Edinburgh.....
And try to drive past the chocolatiers to reach Far From The Madding Crowd in Linlithgow. 
We have been promised tea and cakes but we have to be careful that we miss the parade.

Then onto St Andrews- Toppings-  where we shall say hello, and go for a paddle.

My lovely publisher at Black Thorn sent me 5 books to use to raise money.
You need to guess how many times I use the word 'murder' or any of its derivatives in this book.
 How many do you think? It's 90 000 words.

Or what about this book, it has slightly more than the one below.

And has slightly  less than this one.

We are raffling a whole set of books off at each shop, all for guide dogs for the blind.


 Just in case the day does not go well, I will get my alibi in first.

Then I will rest in here.
while thinking about the sequel to this..

And here's a pic of some wee guys again...

Caro Ramsay 


  1. Have a fab time, Carole. I look forward to the blog about the shenanigans next time.

  2. In exchange for my sincerest congratulations and admiration on all you and your gay band of criminal troubadours have just been through, may I ask for a translation of "go for a paddle?"