Saturday, June 22, 2019

A Post You're Guaranteed to Hate.

I’m telling you right now you’re all just going to hate this post. I mean HATE it. 

It sort of reflects my day today (Friday) when I should have been writing this post, but instead went to the sea, and was so distracted I also forgot to take photos, a difficult situation for a photo essay. But thank the heavens I came across this post from five summers back perfectly capturing the essence of my Friday, albeit sans the gracious friend and seven other lovely ladies I'd joined back then for a swim and lunch aboard her seventy-three foot breathtaking yawl. 

I based my current decision on the same factors as I did five years ago:  In one corner we have the sapphire and emerald Aegean, and in the other me in my room facing a computer screen for eight hours all alone.

Sorry folks.  To paraphrase the famous t-shirt, “Jeffrey went to nirvana and all I got were these lousy photos.”

Yep, but if it’s any consolation I think I may be sunburned.

So here are the photos.

Heading away from Mykonos

 Neighboring and passing ships

Yes, that's a helicopter at the stern.

Approaching neighboring island of Rhenia

Our swimming hole

Lunch time
Heading home
Bye-Bye Beauty

Jeff—Sunburned Saturday


  1. You are right. Hate it! Because Friday we sat in Eurobank producing a bunch of paperwork (income tax forms, utility bills and phone company certifications) to renew our debit card. Failed again as this time I had only a government issued US driver's license to prove my residence there as opposed to a 'current' utility bill which is the only thing they would accept. Maybe in retrospect I didn't hate your post, I simply hated my Friday. ;-)

  2. Ahh, doing business in under reported joy.

  3. How do I feel about this post, Bro? I love it. It’s beautiful. The only thing that would make me like it better would be if I knew Barbara was on that beautiful boat. How do I feel about you? I always knew all attempts to teach you not to gloat would end in dismal failure.

    1. Barbara and the ship's mistress have taken off on their own adventures, leaving me alone on the shore like a castaway stone. Gloat? Never. After all, it's not my boat. :)

  4. You made me cry.
    Thanks, though.

  5. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. I am, from the tippy top of my sun-drenched head to the bottoms of my Aegean-soaked twinkling toes.

    2. That's OK. Never apologize for "living the life". Just continue to share the photos and the rest of us can dream.