Monday, March 4, 2019

field notes from Tucson

Just back from the Tucson Festival of Books - cactus, writers, books and flight delays.
I moderated 'Police Procedurals' at least Jeff thought that was the title of our panel with our Jeff, Martin Walker and Michael McGarrity. More like policing in Greece, France and New Mexico and herding cats. Most of my questions were about their craft, and the only thing they ALL agreed on was they never listened to music or any distraction while writing.

Jeff's book the Mykonos Mob comes out this summer but we got a preview and of course, Jeff shone the brightest.
More cactus.
Skipped out of the author party to meet good pals William Kent Krueger and Rhys Bowen and eat Lebanese.
More cactus. A Saguaro.
Then an eight hour flight delay but found this in the airport terminal display. I'll take this over an Apple watch any day.
I love the TFOB and after 4 panels, writer talk, and more writer talk, I'd go again in a minute.
Cara - Tuesday

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  1. Aw shucks, Cara, you’re far too kind, but neglected to say how your witty moderating kept the audience (and panelists) in stitches. I agree 100% on returning!