Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Seattle and Southern inspired fixin's

I'm so jealous of you, Annamaria - have always wanted to visit Karen Blixen's house and see the country! Good for you, even though it feels like home now,  please show more photos.
This weekend, instead of Nairobi and exciting animal rescue centers, I went to the midwinter ALA librarian convention in Seattle. That's Mt. Rainier from the plane. And I missed seeing Sujata by hours, sadly. It's been too long since I've seen you and caught up, Sujata.

Here is the Soho crew out for dinner. But it was exciting to sign my new book - the galleys and hold it in my hot little hand. It always feels like I sent a child - the manuscript - off to college in NYC and this child comes back smarter, sleeker, tighter and grown up.
And more exciting was having breakfast with my editor at Biscuit Bitch, trailer park to table, Southern inspired fixin's and Kickass espresso - quoting their website. True to their tagline the espresso barista was dancing.

Also exciting is that my editor, Juliet, pictured above, is now an author -  was there for her debut novel,  The Seven or Eight lives of Stella Fortuna. It was fascinating to have her run her panel talk by me since I always ask her to listen to mine. Shoe is on the other foot, now.  And it's an amazing book.
Ciao for now to all of us in all points over the globe because with us, it's truly murder is everywhere.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. Cara, I hope you won’t regret asking for more photos. I am taking tons and I haven’t even gotten to the wilderness yet. Juliet and I talked about the inspiration for her book in family experiences—almost identical to my own. Now I have yours and hers to look forward to.

  2. Coffee, books, travel, good friends and Jeff's jokes - we are truly blessed ! Cara, are you coming to Dallas?

  3. Wow, everyone on this site is having fun. And even without elephants. Congratulations on the new books--that goes for both you and Juliet. Now, if only I could come up with a joke to satisfy Caro and Cara and Anna and....oh well I better stop there and not push my luck.