Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ile Saint-Louis

Walking along the streets, along the banks of Île Saint-Louis, you will probably find one of the world’s highest concentration of commemorative plaques. Almost all the buildings are from the middle of the 17th century, most of them with the brothers Louis and François Le Vau as architects.

You'll find most of the names referred to on the plaques on Wikipedia (I “stole” only the portraits), but not quite all. There are names like Camille Claudel, Honoré Daumier, George Pompidou, Georges Moustaki, Saint Vincent de Paul (but he’s only there because of “Les filles de la Charité” – The Daughters of Charity)  … and there is one building with three Nobel Prizes – two by Marie Curie and one by René Cassin… and … even forgetting about the plaques (I may have missed one or two), it’s just a nice walk!

Home to the best ice cream in the world IMHO at Bertillon
Not forgetting the café's
And that apartment right there, in a 17th century hôtel particulier where Baudelaire had a hashish den is where I'd like to live. Right now my fictional detective does.

Cara - Tuesday

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