Tuesday, September 11, 2018

all Bouchercon, all weekend, lots of hugs

 This weekend was Bouchercon 2018 in St Petersburg Florida and MIE was well represented, along with 1800 mystery writers, fans, and reviewers. Most of all it's a time for our 'tribe' to hang out at the bar, there were several, and be with our fellow 'tribal members' who we see once a year. Above are members of Soho, Sujata and my and Stephen Mack Jones, publisher.
 Bouchercon is a fan convention and I'm here with Caz Frears from the UK whose book I loved. I was appropriately fan girling.
 Here's our pal Peter Rozovsky lazing on the patio with camera in tow.
 Here's a dinner where Kent Krueger, Libby Hellmann and I took fan guest of honor Judy Bobalik out for dinner.
 Outside the conference rooms - so humid.
 Here's Sujata and the rocker I refused to leave.
 Here we are after we called Anna Maria who was on Ellis Island in New York, partying as she does, and we missed her and told her so.
Here I am fan girling and hugging Alex Marwood - love her books and Jane.
 Here we are again on the patio.
 Here Stan is wondering why I'm tickling Caro's chin.
 Here's Sarah Weinman who I ran into buying croissants and her book just came out about the real child Nabokov used as Lolita...fascinating.
 Here's Ayo, another fan guest of honor who I love.
Here's a bunch of female crime writers, who look friendly and well adjusted, non? The body count in all our books would go into the thousands.
We missed Anna Maria, Jeff, Susan and Leye but you were in our hearts.
Cara - Tuesday


  1. I confess I have no idea why Cara was tickling my chin. It wasn't as if there were no chin tickling squirrels available.
    And yes we did move off that chair. ...off our rocker as it were. Thought I'd do that before Jeff did.

  2. Rats, Caro, you robbed me of my rocker line. But all's not lost. While you're pondering Cara's chin tickling motive, ponder this: Why do you say potatO and she says potatA?

    I shall now go back to serving the balance of my Greek visa regulations imposed Devil's Island term here on Mykonos, which kept me from all the shenanigans in St. Pete.

  3. I say potato cos I speak England proper, as it woz writ and spelt rit. Simplesss
    And with enough 'u' s !

  4. Caro, Thank you for the vicarious trip to St. Pete. And especially for whatever magical formula you used to get Brother Jeff to admit that he lives on Devil's Island. Hooray for you!!