Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lindsay Lohan Said What?


We’re into the heart of 24/7 tourist season glitz on Mykonos, with all its accompanying celebrity PR and paparazzi pandering.  Locals are in full time business mode, focused in on making whatever money’s to be had through September in order to keep them and their families afloat until next June (or more like mid-May these days) when the cycle begins anew.

But if you want to bring a big grin, if not an outright laugh to a Mykonian’s face, along with a knowing rolling of the eyes, show him or her this item appearing in The New York Post’s much read Page Six column on the 4th of July.  The item is titled, “Lindsay Lohan brags that she shut down rival club in Mykonos,” and the reporting is credited to the Page Six Team.

What gives the locals a laugh has nothing to do with the quality of one’s experience at the beach club bearing her name, or its relative ranking among the half-dozen or so other places vying for the same clientele. The sure-fire chuckle inducer is the implication in the story that it took a New Yorker to bring hardball tactics to Mykonos, or that anyone in their right mind would brag about being behind the incident in question.

In Ms. Lohan’s defense, her manager vigorously denies that she ever made any such claim, and in a follow-up article published in New York Magazine’s The Cut, that same point is made in a column expanding on the story under the headline, "Lindsay Lohan Denies reporting Rival Nightclub to Greek Tax Authorities."


I’m not sure how many of you know who Ms. Lohan is, or care, but if you’re on Mykonos these days her name appears everywhere, from on sign posts pointing in the direction of her place, to the containers in which you put your shoes when departing via the airport.

I, for one, am amazed at how the entire incident made it from this little Aegean island to the pages of two NYC icons of the PR world. Perhaps I’d best get Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis investigating, and see who placed the story. One way or another, someone is playing hardball…Greek style.

Oh yes, for those of you who’ve read this far, here’s the Page Six piece:

Is Lindsay Lohan introducing some tough New York tactics to the island idyll of Mykonos?
We’re told the “Mean Girls” star — who has just opened Lohan Beach House on the trendy Greek island — was heard boasting that she’d tipped off the Greek tax authorities about rival club Nammos, and that Nammos had been shut down for a month.
Indeed, Nammos was briefly shut down by the Greek version of the IRS on Friday, but it’s not clear whether Lohan dropped a dime or if she was just claiming credit.
A rep for Lohan denies that she either had Nammos closed down or boasted that she was behind the bust.
“She told everyone on the island that she called the Greek IRS to shut [Nammos] down and got them shut down for 30 days,” said an insider. They added, “So people would come to her [club instead]! So f--ked up!”
Stars including Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski were on Mykonos for the launch of Nammos’ new upscale mall, Nammos Village.
But the Greek Reporter website said Saturday that the party was halted after “Greek tax authorities ordered the world-famous beach bar restaurant of Nammos in Mykonos to shut down for 48 hours on Friday due to tax evasion.” It claimed that tax inspectors “found that the company had not issued 250 receipts worth 73,000 euros ($85,000) and ordered Nammos to remain shut until Sunday.”
Lohan’s manager told us that “there is absolutely no truth to” the claims either that Lohan was behind Nammos’ trouble with the authorities or that she claimed to be.
The manager said, “I have physically been with Lindsay every second of every day in Mykonos, and I never personally heard her say that she tipped off the tax authorities. I don’t believe she even knows the tax authorities.”
Nammos didn’t get back to us.


  1. It saddens me to hear that Lindsay Lohan is that big (read: commonly seen) a name on Mykonos. It's bad enough that we have to deal with celebrity gossip in the States. I'd hoped there were still some places in the world that were immune.

  2. Trust me on this, she is NOT a big name on Mykonos. She is big on the PR scene because the owner of the facility has PR folks and paparazzi working overtime to promote her name...which as you know, is something licensees do everywhere to promote their brand. In this case, how successful that will prove to be is problematic.