Saturday, July 21, 2018

And Now For a Change of Pace/Place


My last two posts have been serious.  So serious in fact, that my legendary Photo Bomber left me. Well, only for three days.  On a sailing cruise with a girlfriend to a few of the lesser known southwestern Cycladic islands.

There are 220 Cycladic Islands, most of which are uninhabited. Yet generally most tourists have heard only of Mykonos and Santorini … possibly Milos, Naxos, and Paros. 

Here are photos from three you’ve likely never heard of: Folegandros, Kimolos, and Polyaigos (the largest uninhabited island in the Aegean).

First of all let me introduce the players. Here’s the good guys’ boat, a sweet sailboat if ever there were one. 

And now, on to the dark side.  Okay, just kidding, but if amid all the bright white and crystal blues of the Aegean, Darth Vader happened to wander into your bay, you’re bound to notice, even if he’s trying to pass himself off as Giorgio Armani.

And how most get around 

But now on to the islands.




The ride back home.

I shall now return to writing Kaldis #10, at a pace of 2000 words a day…my penance rate as I pine away for photobomber.



  1. Absolutely lovely. The vistas, too.

    What are those colored rectangles on Kimolos? Cave doors?

    I'd think you WOULD get more words/day written without your distracting photo-bomber at 'hand' to draw your attention. Ah, trade-offs. What to do, what to do?

    1. Good eye, EvKa...and not just in ladies. :) Those are doors to storage places carved by the fishermen out of pumice-like stone. Sort of like the way many homes were carved out of similar rock on Santorini.

  2. Photo bomber loves you and is protecting you.

    1. And that's her story and she's sticking to it. :)

  3. What a spectacular place - spectacular series of places, I suppose. I have no clue how you can get ANY work done with vistas like that beckoning.

    1. Susan, thank you for making it sound (to my publisher) that I am. :)