Thursday, July 26, 2018

And now for something completely different...

Michael and Pat Thursday

We’re in the bush this week, and with the exhaustion Stan referred to last week after knocking Dead of Night into good shape at the eleventh hour (and fifty-fifth minute), and with another deadline already looming, it seemed that something a bit more light hearted might be in order. So here it is.

You may have developed the impression that only good things happen in the African bush from the posts from me, Stan, and Annamaria. Well, that’s not always the case. Consider the Egyptian lady:

There was a young girl from the Nile,
Who fell for a large crocodile,
Although she quite bloomed,
Their affair was quite doomed,
For he ate her after a while.

Then there was the experience we had a few days ago:

The baboon who shat on the car,
Preened himself like a star,
“With a smelly great turd,
I have had the last word,
And the stink will spread wide and far!”

There are some lascivious things goings on. We noticed that our friendly large lizard who is usually found sunning himself on a well-oriented rock had developed some pinkish scales. Imagine our shock at discovering what this means.

The giant plated lizard once said,
“I can feel the change to my head,
When the scales go pink,
As quick as a wink,
I will lure a young lady to bed!”

Finally there is the Fork-tailed Drongo who spends his mornings with the car’s side mirror.

A delightful young Drongo named Jayzee,
Is known for his beauty but lazy,
He coos to himself,
On each reflecting shelf,
The narcissism is driving him crazy!

As for me, I was tearing out so much hair over the last few weeks that my beard survived unscathed. I approached trimming it with trepidation.

Michael, while trimming his beard,
Said it is just as I feared,
“A Pearl-spotted Owl,
And two Guinea Fowl,
Have all made their nests in my beard.”
(With apologies to Edward Lear.)

We’re sure the Limerick experts out there can do better. You’re invited to paste your favorite creature limericks into comments, or send them on to me and I’ll add them to the post.


  1. To Trump a writer at his sport
    Would be an effort of the last resort.
    To Don a coiffure
    I'm totally sure
    Would draw the appropriate retort.

    So with trepidation myself to comport
    I arrive with this Big Game report
    That Eric doth brag
    His father he'd bag
    For his failure, his child, to abort.

  2. I'm now going to make a serious meteorological comment;

    I can see something way up high
    A big yellow thing in the sky
    Ma sporrans nae drookit
    The dug’s jist fair fookit
    Scotland’s just drank itself dry!

  3. There was a lady near Jersey,
    Who tried her darn best to curtsy,
    But each time she dipped,
    A narcissist quipped,
    'To me and my presidency.'

  4. Everett, I see you have taken my suggestion of 'creature' pretty accurately!

    Caro, I love your limerick. I just wish I understood it!

    Jeff, As per EvKa!

  5. Michael; it's sunny here. The sporrans are nice and dry, the dogs are all lying around and everybody is very drunk.
    So the last bit is business as usual.