Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Theresa May can save the day

Leye - Every other Wednesday

When Her Majesty the Queen asked me to form a new government and I accepted, I promised that as we leave the European Union, we will make Britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us.

Even though I campaigned to remain, following our vote to leave, I promised to deliver on the promises of the other side because I believe in the opportunities now open to our great nation and because BREXIT means BREXIT.

As Prime Minister I served the withdrawal notice under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. I created the Department for Exiting the European Union and I appointed the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

I led the government in negotiating a BREXIT deal for us that will ensure our continued prosperity, strengthen our leadership role in the global community, and deliver on the promises of BREXIT while remaining a united Kingdom.

Together with my ministers, and in pursuant to our goal of a prosperous United Kingdom outside the EU, I have had positive discussions with governments in the European Union, and with allies outside the union.

In those discussions and negotiations, I have consistently and assertively laid down our position while negotiating our exit from the union, guided always by the promise I made to you as your Prime Minister, and the promise of prosperity we made to you as a party.

Following months of debate, discussions, analysis, and negotiations, it has now become clear to me that the only way the United Kingdom can remain united and prosperous is by remaining in the European Union.

The promises we made to you are simply impossible to deliver through an exit from the union. BREXIT will make is worse off.

It is for this reason that I, as your Prime Minister, …

The end.


  1. Oh, Leye, if only it were possible. Every time I hear someone say that a country should be run like a corporation, I cringe. CEOs are the modern equivalent of Medieval Kings--absolute rulers with the power of life or death (job or no job) over all under them. And even those who can think they might be wrong will almost never admit it.

    Heads of State in democracies can be fired by those they lead--in the next election.

    The one advantage we all have in a corporation is this: CEOs almost never say, "I made a mistake. I am reversing my decision." The operant word here is "almost." This happens very close to never. But I have seen it happen.

    Heads of State NEVER say, "I made a mistake." Hell will freeze over before one says, "I knew I couldn't do what I said I would. But I said it anyway because I wanted your vote." A million pigs will be flying over an icy hell before that ever happens.

  2. Well she could argue that she was simply right all along. Of course, would the EU want her back...

  3. Aw, you mean this was fiction and not one of those 'historical documents'? Dammit...

  4. Perhaps you could ghost write Trump's speech on how things are going with Kim Jong Uhhhhh?

  5. And I, Nicola Sturgeon, will say white if you say black just for the heck of it, while wearing high heels and pulling my mouth into a shape that resembles the back end of a ferret. And blame everybody else for everything, esp YOU Theresa....

    1. I coined a term for people with that particular mouth shape: puckerbutt

  6. EvKa, I was being polite....for once!